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My favorite podcast

With all the new podcasting things to happen and all the great new shows like Reply All my favorite podcast still is a show from 2009. A show that has published only seven episodes since 2009: A life well wasted.

Robert Ashley, its creator, describes it as “an internet radio show about video games and the people who love them”, which strikes me as admirably modest. I’d call it the “This American Life” of video games.

What makes ALWW stand out is production value and polish. It’s well edited, every tape, music, sound effect is intentionally placed. It’s crafted. Topical. Concentrated. It stands on its own. It’s something to be proud of. Check it out.

In 2014 my goal was to get started with video documentary production and learn a bit about that. I will continue to work on that, but in 2015 I want to learn how to create something like ALWW. I want to produce at least one episode of a radio show that’s half as good.

Don’t disappoint me, 2015!